Sunday, March 13, 2011

Girls' Generation nick names


Birth name : Kim Tae Yeon
Name Meaning : Beauty of Highness
Nickname in SNSD : Little child that is like Pack-Sol-Ge snack
Other Nicknames : Taetae, Taeng, Leader Taeyeon, Leader Taeng, Kid Leader, Auntie, Afro Tangee, Little person, A person with short body, Pack-Sol-Ge snack, Mung Taeng

Birthname : Jung Soo Yeon, Jessica Jung
Name Meaning : Beauty and Luxury
Nickname in SNSD : Ice Princess
Other Nicknames : Sic, Sica, Sicachu, Liquid Sica, Sica effect, Sica of sweat, Baby Sic, Puppet Sic, Sexica, Glowing Sic, Sleepy Sica

Birthname : Lee Sun Kyu
Name Meaning : Instubborn Jade
Nickname in SNSD : Energy Pill
Other Nicknames : Lee Sunny, Lee Sun, Dolphin, Dolphin Sunny, Cute Sunny, Sun Kyu

Birthname : Hwang Mi Young, Stephanie Hwang
Name Meaning : Beautiful Flower Petal
Nickname in SNSD : Brighter than Gem
Nicknames : Fany, Brighter than mushroom Tiffany, Fany of Belly, Bacteria Fany, Fany the Practicer, Rural Fany, Spongebob Hwang, Fany Fany Tiffany, Human Jukebox, Mushroom

Birthname : Kim Hyo Yeon
Name Meaning : Evergrowing Instubbornness
Nickname in SNSD : Bright Snowwhite
Other Nicknames : Dancing Queen, Princess Fiona, Hyo fit and firm, Apple Princess, Hyon

Birthname : Kwon Yuri
Name Meaning : Kind White Jasmine
Nickname in SNSD : Black Pearl
Other Nicknames : Yul, Kwonyul, Ggab-yul, Kkamchi, Yulkorita, Black Yul, Yuree

Birthname : Choi Soo Young
Name Meaning : Luxurios Flower Petal
Nickname in SNSD : Fun-loving Princess
Other Nicknames : A person with long body, Long legs, Model, Food God, Interruptor, summer, Cheerful Princess, pig Ddooyoung

Birthname : Im Yoon Ah
Name Meaning : Innocent Child
Nickname in SNSD : Charming Girl
Other Nicknames : Little Deer, Retard, Flower Deer, Powerful Yoona, Bravery Yoona, YoonABC

Birthname : Seo Joo Hyun
Name Meaning : Worthy Pearl
Nickname in SNSD : The youngest Princess
Nicknames : Seororo, Innocent Seohyun, KeroHyun, Youngest child, Milk Seo Joo


  1. why is yuri photo smaller than the others.. mmmm... i like her the most... btw,thanks for this information.. :) nice blog you have

  2. Seo is the youngest. But the most responsible one.. Taeyeon is older. But the most kiddy one XD

  3. Who is the Gluttony Queen of SNSD ??